Horizon by Hodlers

The Horizon Collection is a meticulously curated portfolio of 200 artworks. The collection spotlights 20, 1/1 pieces from each artist: Katie Morris, Olga Fradina, Stephan Vasement, Javier Tomeo, Ganchitecture, Ira Greenberg, and Tristan Rettich.

In addition, the collection will feature limited 1/20 editions by qubibi (2 pieces) and agoria (1 piece).

Minting & Auction Details

Previous Mints:

64 artworks have already been minted by early collectors through blind mints.

Upcoming Auctions:

100 artworks will be available for auction on Sansa, each with a reserve price of 0.11 ETH. Upon meeting the reserve, a 24-hour countdown will commence.

Blind Mints:

A number of artworks will be available for blind minting via hodlers site while availability lasts. You can checkhere.

Key Dates: Reveal & Auction Start:

The official reveal and commencement of auctions are scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th, at 3pm UTC.

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