Radix (Rob Dixon)

If winds were fibers, what would they weave? I live on a hillside near the coast. Seasonal winds sculpt the trees into tortured but elegant shapes. Some are stripped bare but still reach for the sky. Others bend their trunks to protect their foliage like a shield. This project began with an idea to simulate smoke and the winding paths it follows. The smoke coalesced into strands of fiber and colorful yarn. Then it swirled into strange and organic forms. Some look like those wind-sculpted trees. Others are blankets unraveling, or storybook creatures felted from wool. If you look close, they are all fuzzy and soft and begging to be touched. As this project developed I researched fiber arts, an artistic tradition with a rich history. I spoke with artists and friends who knit, weave, felt wool, and raise Alpacas and sheep. Windwoven pieces don't try to simulate actual weaving, but the project is grounded in the fiber arts world. Many palettes are drawn from yarn and wool roving colors and from shades of Alpaca fur. The color blending mimics the dynamic colors that can be achieved when carding dyed wool. Of course, most of the outputs could only be made with code, pushing fiber-like artwork into new realms.












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