Fernando Jerez

**:: UMK [Ultra Mechanika]. Beyond technology ::** Imagine a world where technology not only advances mechanically, but also adapts and changes in response to its environment. In this view, machines could evolve into a variety of forms, from biological and organic to architectural and industrial, each with its own unique capabilities and characteristics. The UMK algorithm could be thought of as a life form that has evolved from a seed. Its DNA defines the way in which it grows and develops. **:: Motivation ::** UMK expands my previous explorations of the interaction between humans and technology. Previously, In the "Defrag Trilogy" (link in the website), I narrate a tale spanning three chapters, exploring the emotions we encounter as we mature amidst a technologically world. The conclusion: technology emerges victorious every time. This time, I delve into the idea of a world where human intervention is not necessary, showcasing a hypothetical scenario where machines operate and evolve independently. What would self-evolving technology look like? **:: Aesthetics ::** As a devout admirer of Manga and graphic novels, the style of the artwork is centered around creating a hand-drawn, captivating one-page masterpiece. With UMK, I embark on a journey of maximalist illustration. A path that pushes the boundaries of my previous creations to achieve figurative pieces that are both visually stunning and unpredictably intriguing. This maximalist approach is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. The intricate use of textures and interlocking geometries invites the viewer to dive into the artwork and be entranced by the details and nuances. **:: Animation ::** Animation is crafted to captivate and hold the viewer's attention. Sit back and savor the mesmerizing construction mechanics and the gentle flow of the subtle elements in the background. **:: Final words ::** In UMK there is a touch of the clean and dreamlike drawing of Jean Giraud (Moebius), the intricate technological structures of Katsuhiro Otomo, or the biomechanical orgies of H.R. Giger. These are some examples of artists who have left a lasting impression on me and whose works continue to shape my aesthetic sensibility. Art lies within the code itself. When we view the outcome on the screen, we are witnessing the crystallization of the algorithm at a specific moment, under certain conditions. The code is immutable and the results are mere coincidence. Enjoy UMK. **:: Interaction ::** You can restart the animation or save it as a hi resolution PNG image. Tap the screen or mouse click to show the reset/save buttons. Also you can use keys: 'S' to save , 'R' to restart












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