translucent panes


'translucent panes' is an experimental p5.js project utilising mathematical randomness as a basis for abstract generative art creation. Similar to my 'blocccles' project, the core aesthetic is centred on colour blending & simple geometry. The program starts by randomly selecting a divisor of the canvas width & height and forming a grid of rectangles. There is then an 80% chance that these rectangles will be rotated by a randomly selected angle ranging from -180 to 180 degrees. The shape is then either assigned a solid fill colour or is rendered empty with a border width of 1 to 5 pixels. Spicing up the outputs is a selection of 14 palettes, each holding 2 to 8 colours for the algorithm to pick from. There is a 30% chance of an output having a dark background, and 7 of 14 palettes are limited to lighter backgrounds. During development I came across a bug which meant rectangles would render taller than anticipated, I liked it, so I kept it in. The extra shapes round the project up nicely as they collide with each other leaving a beautiful mix of colours and geometry. For fun, I also added a 40% probability of circles showing in the output. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. fingacode, 30 june 2022 __Note: this is an open-edition presented by Bright Moments IRL during the month of July. At the end of the month, minting will conclude and the final collection size will be fixed to the number of mints executed by visitors of 13 Soho Square and 18 Albemarle in London.__












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