Tout tracé

Florian Zumbrunn

In 2022, as I was experiencing my first year as a father, I was often asking myself what impact I would have on my son, and how much my actions will be part of what will make him “him”. I started a slow introspection on the subject, and at the end of the year, I released “Foundations”, a series that focuses on the origins of our identity. “Tout tracé” is the second act, and its direct continuity. In French, it means *“All mapped out”*, referring to the idea of an all planned future or *“a ready made path”.* This series is the counterpoint of this vision. Life is full of surprises, good or bad, and each moment will have an impact on us, creating our set of experiences, many of them involuntary and embedded in our existence. As humans, we are in constant evolution and therefore, on a quest of identity; of who we really are. We are surrounded by expectations : from society, culture, religion, parents, friends, family… A list of rules that need to be followed and lived by; but, at the end of the day, I believe that only our choices matter. Like “Foundations”, the composition of “Tout tracé” is grid based: full of boxes expected to be filled. But this series is about growth, evolution, expression and re-definition. It’s about fighting against the structure in place, finding our own voice and re-shaping our reality. It is finding its uniqueness and identity that will be revealed through the millions of lines drawing each artwork, technically signing the idea of “Tout tracé”, that comes with a double meaning: *“All drawn”*. -- - **Press ‘S’** to export a still image. - **Press ‘H’** to open a new tab of the artwork in HD (A3 format). -- Opening one output in fullscreen or in live view will run an animation revealing the artwork.












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