Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind

Time Between the Lines is Thread Through the Mind is a meditative plotter-performance art project, where each experience is uniquely recorded using specific pen colors on either dark or light paper. As the fourth project in the Zenerative series of Zen-inspired generative art by Matto, it explores the value of time and the interplay between efficiency, order, and aesthetics. Outputs: The default live-code outputs are skeuomorphic, each drawn with 500,000 to 1,000,000 circles, while the default live-plot modes use a few thousand simplified lines. Using URL parameters, these live modes can be displayed digitally or plotted. Each token has one default output and includes a total of eight canonical versions: - two pen and paper sets (pen suggestions are embedded in the SVG code) - four optimization settings to change the line drawing order Interactivity: - 'S' saves an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file - 'H' hides the signature (patience required in skeuomorphic mode) URL Parameter Options: - alternate = true / false (switches paper and pens from default) - optimization = laps / standard / maximum / anti (changes line drawing order and visual output) - skeuomorphic = true / false (toggles skeuomorphic circles / simple lines) - signature = true / false (toggles the signature) Plotter Notes: - Please maintain the drawing order for canonical outputs - avoid reordering or optimizing the paths during plotting. - On light paper, the signature stamp's legibility will vary with the ink colors used. Opaque inks of similar colors are acceptable alternatives. - Physical outputs may differ from digital versions due to pen and paper variability. Plotters have the discretion to use different pens, paper, or multiple passes. - For color hex values and corresponding pens, check the console when running the live code.






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