The Collector's Room

Carlos Marcial

"The Collector's Room" represents my inaugural foray into the realm of long-form generative art. This series synthesizes my well-established Infinity Room NFT and cryptoart series with my burgeoning passion for crafting textures, 3D geometries, and colors through code. Each NFT, or room, in this series, functions as an homage to the current moment generative digital art is enjoying within the contemporary art sphere. Furthermore, this project pays tribute to the discerning digital art collectors who passionately support and preserve digital culture, paralleling the enthusiasm of the artists who create it. In a unique twist, each room offers the option of being adorned with one of three distinct generative art series, exclusively available within "The Collector's Room." Consequently, this creates a meta-generative art project, encapsulating a myriad of generative art series within a larger, overarching generative endeavor. I am honored to bring this series to life, thanks to the support from Proof Collective and the Moonbirds community. (Press the 'S' key to save a PNG of any output from this series while viewing the live code).












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