SZN 1 Collector Pass: Isotopias


Isotopias: A Living Canvas of Time and Space The Isotopias collection is a wondrous blend of isometric perspective and utopian landscapes, constructing a world where mathematical precision and abstract visions converge. Each piece in the collection forms a unique and exact realm, inviting the viewer to embark on an exploratory journey of curiosity and creativity. At the heart of each Isotopia lies the emblematic letter H, honoring the HODLERS collective and the community that binds us together. Every artwork in the collection is an on-chain, living entity that evolves with the passage of time, revealing 24 enchanting designs corresponding to each hour of the day. As moments unfold, new designs gracefully build upon the previous ones, echoing the essence of blockchain technologies and HODLing culture within the crypto space. This dynamic evolution celebrates the power of community and innovation, where individual blocks amalgamate to form a harmonious whole that surpasses the sum of its parts.












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