Generative Artworks

In our daily practice we explore many different algorithms at a surface level. This piece started out as a simple implementation of the marching squares algorithm and quickly began to show its potential for emergence and exploration. In Reservation we run with this concept, exploring its possibilities but artificially capping it at 50 mints. This small set of outputs will be the face of the underlying algorithm, which holds infinite possibility. The art here is the algorithm and the outputs are a representation of a piece of ownership of that art. All colors used in Reservation are available in Sakura Pigma Micron 01 & 05 pens. If you don't have one of the recommended pens, experiment with other combinations and create something that is your own. Accent Lines should be plotted with a bold pen, at least 0.5mm on 9x12" paper. We recommend plotting on smooth bristol paper.












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