Metabolic Metropolis


'Metabolic Metropolis' is a generative art collection that depicts 100 unique views of Tokyo through which A.A.Murakami’s signature fog rings flow across the cityscape. Utilizing open source data acquired based on aerial surveys, the data set represents the real urban landscape of Tokyo as a 3D Model in the game engine Unity. On this architectural base, custom outline shaders were developed that overlay a luminous grid of lights creating geometric patterns that glide and glitch on the surface of the city. These shaders draw inspiration from highly patterned woodblock prints of the ‘Floating World’ during the Edo period and the ‘Metabolism Architecture’ movement of 1960's Japan. A.A.Murakami's artistic practice in merging art, technology and nature continues in the digital realm. The ethereal quality conveyed in the iconic fog rings is transferred in the web3 space capturing the fleeting moment of nature and the transience of life which lies inside the 'Metabolic Metropolis'.












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