Marfa Yucca

Daniel Calderon Arenas

This project opens on November 22nd at 2pm ET/1pm CT and closes on December 1st at 2pm ET/1pm CT. # Yuccas and Boxes One of the things I took away from my summer trip to Marfa was the need to spend more time absorbing my surroundings and thinking back on my experiences. Witnessing the vast fields of yuccas flowering simultaneously and watching the sunrise over Judd's 100 untitled works in mill aluminum are two specific moments that will never leave my memory. Combining these two sensations resulted in generative arrangements of yuccas and boxes. ## Edge of the desert The city of Marfa is on the northeast side of the Chihuahuan desert. The weather is dry and hot in the summer. Plants that grow naturally in the region, like the yucca, have adapted well to the harsh conditions. ## Soaptrees In the Americas, there are a lot of different types of yucca. The type of yucca that grows in and around Marfa is called yucca elata, which is also known as the soaptree yucca. These yuccas grow very slowly, only about an inch per year. Yucca elata doesn't always bloom, but when it does, the flowers come out between May and June. ## Sunrise at Chinati The Chinati Foundation is a museum in Marfa based on Donald Judd's ideas. The focus is on works that have a strong connection to the land around them. Sometimes a special event called "Sunrise at Chinati" is held at the museum so that people can see the many works in the golden light of the morning sun. # An SVG is available! The SVG is a fully scalable resolution agnostic version of the image. To access the SVG press the "p" key and the SVG will automatically download.












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