An evolving generative art project, inspired by the longing to connect with nature. It explores the relationship between art, code and nature. - "Becoming the Mountains and Rivers". The series explores the mythic idea of a time that came before, when we were one with nature and ourselves. This landscape refuses to hold still. Instead, the viewer is asked to contemplate about being the constant in this ever changing space. They are the only thing that can create a true moment in an otherwise fluid and dynamic world. The piece invites viewers to become fully immersed in the landscape, to contemplate their own inner zen and to feel a sense of calm and peace as they watch the land, water, and sky move and flow. It is an invitation to appreciate the beauty of nature and to reflect on the endless yearning for completeness that we all experience at some point in our lives. Like a postcard that transports us to another time, or a memory that provokes feelings of longing and missing, "Longing" invites us to reconnect with ourselves and to find peace in the ever-flowing river of life in the current moment. The piece uses generative code to create a space where one can appreciate the beauty of nature while gaining a new perspective on how we perceive art. Instead of presenting viewers with the conventional form of a painting’s static view-through-the-window, Longing takes viewers into a living and breathing artwork. Just as nature moves in patterns that we know how to anticipate but can’t predict, Longing also moves in ever-evolving patterns that are both comforting and surprising. In this way, Longing challenges the static nature of painting while testing out where digital art can take us—is this a form of art that is in sync with nature? Or does it take us further away by inserting additional layers of mediation? Longing does not answer these questions, but it helps us contemplate possible responses, and pushes us to reconsider the nature and purpose of art in the 21st century. Technical details Immersive~ The artwork would fit any format ratio and resolution, hit full screen to widen the view and experience the work in landscape formats. Evolving~ Movement: Time lapse after draw starting at the featured time and transitioning to the local time of the work, when local time is settled the work will display the current time and evolve the sky with it. Accompanied with the slow movement of colors ramps in the landscape, and water rippling. Output~ ~Press "s" to save a .PNG file at any stage at current resolution. ~Press "p" to render and save a high resolution .PNG file for print x3 current resolution. Created and developed by Ronen Tanchum and Ori Ben Shabat












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