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Ixian No-Ships by IX Shells (https://twitter.com/ix_shells) Quoting one of my favorite chapters in the “Original Dune” series — A no-ship was a starship, and type of no-chamber, that was invisible to prescience. This meant that its movements or occupants could not be seen by many of those who possessed prescient powers, such as Guild Navigators. In this case, we are going to call them “Shell Navigators” every collector of the fragments of these “Ixian No-ships” will have a part in this generative-sci-fi inspired worlds I've been inspired by from the very start of my journey. This is not a roadmap but as the story says “it's all part of the path triggered by a perceived need to diversify the human race and allow it to evolve.” Editions minted: 117 Full resolution (306mb): ipfs://QmbNEtYnCyqaKHiJs539X2gDe1aw5KtnoGNVSYhPRXPsEa/15-original.mov












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