Generative Artworks

Take something as simple as concentric circles and modify, expand, and implode each point relative to the others and you will find yourself with something completely different. With Implosion we explore this concept and look to make a statement about what it means to plot a piece. As artists that almost always work with a plotter, it often feels like plotting adds another layer of complexity and depth to a piece. You work alongside the plotter to translate the piece from the screen to the physical world. As one of the first pieces on Plottables we want to convey that passion to you and let you experience it for yourselves. All Implosion pieces are represented on the screen as black & white images, but behind the scenes are split into layers so that you can recolor and plot your piece as many different ways as you want. Those layers are just the beginning though. Try pausing your print halfway through to change the pen size, color, or shape. Afterwards hang them as a matrix on your wall and make it an exploration of the elements of art across a complex pattern. If you’re not into exploration you can’t go wrong with a black Pigma Micron pen on smooth Bristol paper.












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