Exhibition: 3291


Exhibit 3291 is an ode to the Bauhaus art and design philosophy and style. The Bauhaus design movement started in the early 20th century by Walter Gropius. Bauhaus art and design is recognized by its unique approach to architecture and design noted especially for a program that synthesizes technology, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics. The Bauhaus style is recognized by it's simplicity, pure lines, and geometric shapes, combined with primary-colored chromatic palettes. Exhibit 3291 (E.3291) humbly and with honor continues in this timeless tradition. Each mint embraces “ little ornamentation and focuses on balanced forms and abstract shapes ', Exhibit 3291 takes its cue from the classic 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition poster. Using this composition as a template, E.3291 generates unique pieces of art steeped in the Bauhaus tradition. Each E.3291 has a color scheme and variations on the template, including additional lines, shapes and outlines. It is my hope that as a collector you feel part of this historic art and design movement. To request a print, please visit https://www.cryptobauhaus.com/exhibit-3291












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