A collection of perspectives - many voices, one hi*story* Every piece of chronicles is a different voice, a different point of view, narrating the same history as we are living it. Chronicles are ephemeral, but consistent. They will always maintain their main properties, but every time you look at them, they will tell you about a different moment. Every individual chronicle is a collection composed by infinite variations itself. So each of them is not only a piece, but all the pieces that are written in that chronicle every second. That's about 31,536,000 different outputs each year. ### How does it work Chronicles uses two different RNGs. One of them is derived uniquely from the hash of the piece, and determines the main aesthetics such as accent color, density of characters, margins, type of core etc. The second is derived by a combination of current point in time and hash. This is so that every piece is different from each other when looked at in the same moment, and also continues to vary over time. So if you look at a chronicle now, and then after a few seconds refresh the page (or click on it), you will see the chronicle changed to reflect the newer point in time, but maintaining the aesthetical style.












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