Center Pivot

Craig Hughes & Eric Hughes

Center pivot irrigation is a mainstay of the American farm. Like giant inkjet printers, they have painted verdant circles onto landscapes since the 1950s. The artists of this piece grew up in America’s breadbasket near the birthplace of the center pivot, surrounded by the nostalgia of the Family Farm. These were years of innocence – free from concerns of water shortages, chemical leaching, and economic controversy. The tension between childhood times and today’s environmental reality is a canvas for re-envisioning center pivots: they are fundamentally giant drawing machines. What happens when water is rationed? …when they are free to draw? …when they behave unexpectedly? Your token serves as the instructions for these machines—instructions that either constrain or liberate the machine to paint fantastical scenes. Watch the project teaser video, learn more about the rationale, and see example mints at https://centerpivot.art/ Additional controls interact with each other and have varying impacts during different periods of the animation. Experiment to create and save a new variation of your mint! 'Arrow up' increases evaporation 'Arrow down' decreases evaporation 'Arrow right' increases overspray 'Arrow left' decreases overspray '.' begins sunset; neon colors emerge depending on when initiated '/' shows pivot mechanisms only 's' saves screenshot












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