Julien Labat

Bidonville is the French word for slum. This series is a somewhat playful and naive take on unplanned urban areas - like a child's view on something terrible. It’s a reminder that such places exist all over the world. And that a quarter of world’s urban population live with poor access to robust housing, clean water, electricity, security … To emphasize this, the viewer is being given the power to give or take back access to water and electricity to the Bidonvilles. The piece revolves around the idea of duality. It's both serious and childish. It plays on the contrast between the very crowded slum and the emptiness of the void it seems to float in. Bidonville talks about life and death, and the promiscuity between both in those wild and teeming areas. Hit [W] to toggle access to water, [E] to toggle access to electricity (only visible in night mode). Changes could take up to 30 seconds to show up. Thank you for your patience. **Art is on chain**.












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